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Matthew Shanley mshanley at alum.rpi.edu
Sun Aug 1 21:24:10 EDT 2004

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Hi Ge,

I wouldn't mind being added as a dev. My sourceforge id is arkadyan.

Also on a different note, is it true that the "last" parameter of ugens
isn't implemented yet? It was sinosc specifically that I was testing
with and just getting solid zeros. This seems to me like the way you'd
connect output from ugens into the input of other ugens and so it'd be
really important for many synthesis techniques.


Ge Wang wrote:
| For now, we are using SourceForge for our bug and feature tracking.
| Our web/dev/CVS will remain at cs.princeton.edu.
| To add bug / feature idea
|     http://chuck.sf.net/
| you will need to be an SF member (sign up at their main page).
| also, send me your SF id and we will add you as a dev.
| (if you don't want to do SourceForge, post/send the bugs
| and someone can add it if necessary)  Also feel free to continue
| posting bugs/ideas here.
| If you have questions, please let us know!  Thank you!
| Best,
| Ge!
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