[chuck-dev] Anonymous CVS?

Mikael Johansson mikael at johanssons.org
Thu Dec 9 17:47:05 EST 2004

Is there any possibility of getting anonymous access to the princeton cvs? 
Should such things go via the sf account instead?

We want to keep the local cvs @ stacken up to date with whatever is 
committed at your place so that our hacking won't start from the release 
version and then discover that it's badly out of sync with what's in the 
cvs (as we just discovered... =)

Oh, and, we have still not managed to get a decent windows build 
environment up and running; but we have verified build on Free/OpenBSD, 
Linux (debian & redhat) and OSX. Should we commit and test or wait and 
then commit?

Best wishes, the Stacken hack group! =)

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