[chuck-dev] Anonymous CVS?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Dec 10 00:58:18 EST 2004

> I have been working on the chuck/src directory where as I have noticed 
> that
> there is a chuck/v2 directory as well.

the v2 is the rewrite, and is currently rather uncompilable.

> Hans tossed together a none-audio driver which seems to work.

cool.  does this behave the same as --silent, but is independent of the 
system at compile-time?

> I am considering applying more automagic to the autoconf stuff as 
> things
> progresses. Currently we do stuff with --with-audio=alsa etc. but I 
> want to
> remove the need for it so it just discovers what is there, but with 
> the manual
> force still in place if you wish for it.

it seems having manual force optional is always good idea... how does
everyone feel about this?

> To clarify on the Windows comment. A tired mind (mine that is) was 
> unable to
> have the ./configure script to get pass the GCC tests in MSYS/MINGW. 
> It fails
> to compile the simple test-program. A less tired mind may solve this. 
> I rarely
> find a need to use the MSYS/MINGW environment so that could be a 
> reason, but
> autoconf/configure should work in there.

Thank you very much for all you guys are doing!


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