[chuck-dev] CVS commit pending... Autoconfuse almost done

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Dec 16 18:38:54 EST 2004

On Dec 16, 2004, at 5:49 PM, Mikael Johansson wrote:

> We have now adapted the CVS snapshot from cvs.cs.princeton.edu to 
> succesful builds with autoconf/automake.

Whoa, this is awesome.

We should wait for a few more days to integrate - we are working to 
complete v2.
Having the autofunstuff in chuck will be a natural and very 
welcome evolution.
Let's continue to correspond as the release date approaches.  There 
will also be
small changes to several ugen/ulib files in v2, I will check with you 
guys before
making the changes to ensure correctness.

I haven't tried this yet, will src build in Visual Studio under Win32?

Also, would you advise putting #include "config.h" in chuck_def, which 
else includes (instead of referring to config.h from all files)?

Thank you and stacken very much.


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