[chuck-dev] coding suggestions

Niklas Werner bergtroll at gmx.li
Mon Jul 26 22:16:17 EDT 2004

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 13:29, Ge Wang wrote:
> On Jul 26, 2004, at 7:29 PM, Niklas Werner wrote:
> > I'd like to suggest the following:
> >
> > use GNU getopt() for the command line options (--optionArgument is
> > just greatly confusing: --option Argument is so much nicer, and you
> > get rid of
> > all the else if() in chuck_main.
> good idea - how standard is getopt()?  --option Argument is certainly
> better.
> if it is very standard (or we can contain getopt in distribution), then
> we should
> look into use it.
Linux: always there included in glibc, everybody uses it.
OSX: you need to ship getopt.h(6.4kB) with your code to be sure it's 
there, otherwise it just works, doesn't need linking an additional 
Windoze: Who knows? Who cares? (certainly not me... ;-) )


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New Zealand

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