[chuck-dev] Intro + question

Bert Schiettecatte bschiett at etro.vub.ac.be
Tue Jul 27 18:30:59 EDT 2004

Hi Ge,

>It is interesting that you are thinking of porting ChucK to TI DSP
platform.  We recently tried this, porting ChucK to run on the TI 6711
card.  It wasn't a real port - >we basically wrote out a ChucK-ified c
program that was cross-compiled into the board's instruction set. It was
a proof of concept and was horrendously wasteful since we >were
essentially running virtual instructions on the embedded system.

The 6711 is a floating point DSP if I recall correctly?

>it is very horrendous, but promising.  What do you think?

The project looks quite interesting. It's very cool you already did a
port to the 6713. I'm particularly interested in getting it to run on
one of the most minimal DSPs of TI, the 2407. 16-bit fixed point and 32K
flash, 2K ram. I don't want to use any extra memory, it should run on
the DSP alone. Can you advise me in a little more detail how I could do
a translator or interpreter for the Chuck code? I suppose I can remove
all audio I/O specific code and I would have to re-do the
timing/synchronization parts. Anything I'm missing?



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