[chuck-dev] Pointers

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Nov 20 11:17:54 EST 2004

> I realize that the title is deceptive.  :)  I am looking for pointers 
> on what (files, components) to develop on.

> Is there a CVS repository somewhere I can access?

read-only anonymous CVS:

(setenv CVS_RSH ssh)

 > cvs -d :ext:anon-chuck at cvs.cs.princeton.edu:/cvs checkout chuck_dev
(blank password)

if you want to join the development, then

1. go to http://cvs.cs.princeton.edu/
2. create an account for yourself
3. make a join request to repository 'chuck'
4. you can check out the full repository write/read once approved by 

> Who's out there and what are you working on?

Right now, the active developers:

Ajay Kapur: real-time input/controller related issues
Adam Tindale: MIDI issues + documentations
Phil Davidson: GLucK (opengl) + Audicle UI engine
Perry, Ananya, Ge: big rewrite - objects/events/arrays/urgent disaster 
response/audicle engine
Paul Botelho: looking into support for massive # of alternative tuning 
Bert Schiettecatte: evaluating potential port to embedded platform

Also, check out:


There is so much we need to do!  What would you like to work on?
Anything of interest?  Feel free to suggest anything.


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