[chuck-dev] Pointers

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Nov 24 04:04:48 EST 2004

>> Also, check out:
>>     http://chuck.sf.net/
> Is this going to be the main feature/bug repository?

For now yes - we have no plans to move anywhere else yet...

>> There is so much we need to do!  What would you like to work on?
>> Anything of interest?  Feel free to suggest anything.
> I would enjoy working on the core features of the language, if you 
> need help there.

We certainly could use more help here, especially after finishing the 

> I would also not mind small bug fixes and documentation as I get my 
> feet wet.  Currently, I am mainly a Java developer at Fermilab, 
> working on (believe it or not) a language to abstract knowledge 
> representation.

Whoa.  That's cool! (even though I am not exactly sure what it means)

>   In my past, I did a bunch of C and C++ development.  I am very much 
> looking forward to working on ChucK.

Thank you very much for for offering (much needed) help.  Very glad to 
have you onboard!


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