[chuck-dev] chuck- build problems on OSX with FFS root filesystem

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Oct 17 22:35:09 EDT 2004

> Basically, it seems as though apples HFS/HFS+ filesystems are case 
> insensitive,
> allowing a programmer to write things such as "#include 
> <CoreMidi/CoreMidi.h>" instead
> of "#include <CoreMIDI/CoreMIDI.h>" as the file is actually called.
> The same is true of the link line e.g.
> LIBS=-framework CoreAudio -framework CoreMIDI -framework 
> CoreFoundation -lstdc++ -lm

The changes have been made - in next release.  Thank you!

> looking through the language, I don't see any notation for e.g. 
> synchronization keywords / rhythmic markup. Any plans for that?

yes.  events and synchronization coming in the major release (now 
probably in november).
rhythmic markups being planned for possibly december.


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