[chuck-dev] 1.2 aproaching? and building on FreeBSD

Rasmus Kaj kaj at kth.se
Thu Apr 21 17:15:31 EDT 2005

Hi!  I'm another of those chuck users / hackers at Stacken, and just
subscribed to the chuck lists.

What is the current status on the 1.2 release?  Is there anything I
can do to help?

I just compiled chuck (both "src" and "v2") on FreeBSD 5.4pre, to
build with "make linux-oss" I had to:

 * Add  -I/usr/local/include to FLAGS

 * Remove -ldl from LIBS

 * Added #include <sndfile.h> in util_sndfile.h, just before whats
   seems to be a copy of sndfile.h from a specific system.  Is there
   any reason to copy in the file rather than including it?

 * Commented out the declaration of SF_FORMAT_SD2 (which was allready

I did exactly the same changes in both "src" and "v2".

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