[chuck-dev] 1.2 aproaching? and building on FreeBSD

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Apr 21 18:31:41 EDT 2005

> Hi!  I'm another of those chuck users / hackers at Stacken, and just
> subscribed to the chuck lists.

Hi Rasmus!  Long live Stacken.

> What is the current status on the 1.2 release?

The type system has been overhauled to support arrays and objects 
and to remove some bad hacks (and add others).  Added more operators 
for convenience (+=>, -=>), added break, continue.  Arrays are done - 
int/string indexed, multi-dim.  Objects are also done, at least to a 
usable degree - virtual inheritance, static/member functions/data, 
recursive namespace.  The final push is to add ugen and library 
classes back into the type system in a way that is flexible and 
extensible.  This part makes us want to chuck something out the 
window (because it's so "fun") - but it's almost done (and there aren't 
many windows in the lab, at least not to the outside world.)

> Is there anything I can do to help?

The import system is the bottle neck right now.  Further hacking depends 
on this.  Once it's done, then C/C++ code can be imported less stupidly 
than before, and the portal to massive hacking will be opened (yikes).

> I just compiled chuck (both "src" and "v2") on FreeBSD 5.4pre, to
> build with "make linux-oss" I had to:
> * Added #include <sndfile.h> in util_sndfile.h, just before whats
>   seems to be a copy of sndfile.h from a specific system.  Is there
>   any reason to copy in the file rather than including it?

It was just there for (in)convenience.  There is a hack to get around this 
hack - in the makefile:

# by default, ChucK uses a pre-configured libsndfile...
# uncomment the next 3 lines to use libsndfile on your system
#LIBS+= -lsndfile

May need to add -I/usr/local/include to FLAGS, and also -L/usr/local/lib 
to LIBS.  In the Stacken autoconf, I sense this is finally resolved 
cleanly.  As soon as the code becomes stable, we will start to integrate 
what you guys have done with autoconf.  Stacken rocks.

We are committed to making this release happen as soon as possible.  We 
will put out a working version (hopefully) and continue to work together 
make it better, on-the-fly.


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