[chuck-dev] 1.2 aproaching? and building on FreeBSD

Rasmus Kaj kaj at kth.se
Thu Apr 21 18:50:19 EDT 2005

>>>>> "GW" == Ge Wang <gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU> writes:

 >> What is the current status on the 1.2 release?

 GW> The type system has been overhauled to support arrays and objects and
 GW> to remove some bad hacks (and add others).  Added more operators for
 GW> convenience (+=>, -=>), added break, continue. 

Sounds cool ...   Would "foo => bar; baz +=> bar;" mean the same thing
as "foo + baz => bar;" then?

 GW> Arrays are done - int/string indexed, multi-dim.

That can probably be usefull.  A string-indexed array, sounds like a
convenient lookup table ...

 GW> Objects are also done, at least to a usable degree - virtual
 GW> inheritance, static/member functions/data, recursive namespace.

Now this like something *really* cool, which I've been longing for for
six months or so ... :-)

Is there any example code (or even documentation) for this?

 GW> The final push is to add ugen and library classes back into the
 GW> type system in a way that is flexible and extensible.  This part
 GW> makes us want to chuck something out the window (because it's so
 GW> "fun") - but it's almost done (and there aren't many windows in
 GW> the lab, at least not to the outside world.)

Eh ...  *lol*, I think ...   :-)

 >> Is there anything I can do to help?

 GW> The import system is the bottle neck right now.  Further hacking
 GW> depends on this.  Once it's done, then C/C++ code can be imported
 GW> less stupidly than before, and the portal to massive hacking will
 GW> be opened (yikes).

Huh?  Import from what to where?

 GW> #------------------------------------------------------------------
 GW> # by default, ChucK uses a pre-configured libsndfile...
 GW> # uncomment the next 3 lines to use libsndfile on your system
 GW> #------------------------------------------------------------------
 GW> #LIBS+= -lsndfile

Oups, sorry I didn't notice that!

 GW> We are committed to making this release happen as soon as possible.
 GW> We will put out a working version (hopefully) and continue to work
 GW> together make it better, on-the-fly.

Thats great!   And sorry to be a bother with just loads of questions.

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