[chuck-dev] Re: The ChucK Manual prerelease

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 22 23:04:32 EST 2005


I still don't have well-formed thoughts here. My preference is to  
have people people modify the cvs tree and send diffs or patches. I  
am assuming that people on the dev list have been accessing cvs  
anonymously if they haven't been given accounts. The manual is in doc/ 

It is all done in latex. As much as I would love to put it up on the  
wiki, it would take a lot of work to extract it and reformat it.

Another issue. What is the wiki for? I am inclined to have the manual  
and html docs be for reference and the wiki be a place for people to  
post their patches and discuss bugs and workarounds and community- 
based things.

I am very excited about having help and feedback on the docs. None of  
what I am saying is meant to poopoo any ideas, I just don't have   
time to do the convert and then manage the docs in three places...


On 21-Nov-05, at 1:49 AM, Ge Wang wrote:

>> Adam Tindale <adamtindale at hotmail.com> writes:
>>> I have been working on the manual for almost a year.
>> How about putting it on the wiki and let us all work on it?;).
> I think this is a really great idea.  Adam should probably lead the  
> effort, if he wants.  Thoughts? Adam? anyone else?
> Best,
> Ge!
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