[chuck-dev] [patch] Some c++-isms and dont segfault on FreeBSD

Rasmus Kaj kaj at kth.se
Tue Oct 25 04:27:06 EDT 2005

Hi ChucKers!

I'm back at trying to use ChucK on FreeBSD.  I use the current cvs
head version (in chuck_dev/v2) and, after marginal Linux -> FreeBSD
changes to makefile.oss, it works!  When doing "chuck_autotest
[0-9]*.ck" in the tests catalogue, some of the tests fail, but that
seems to be mainly because some stuff that run infinite loops isn't
marked as fail-correct.

However, I'd like to use g++ for compiling the c++ stuff, and don't
link with -lstdc++ explicitly.  So I change that in makefile.oss, and
get a segmentation fault when trying to run.

Taking care of some of the -Wall warnings, mainly having a virtual
destructor for classes that have virtual methods (so the correct
destructor will be called when deleting a base-class pointer) and
constructor using initialisers for Chuck_DLL, and using
string::size_type for string index variables (in two places), it seems
fine again (the same tests as before fails).

So, the patch is in http://people.kth.se/~kaj/tmp/chuck/ (along with a
test log).

If this is useful, I could do more initialisation in constructors and
a few other c++-ism fixes that might save a few clock cycles here and
there and submit more patches ...  Ok?

Rasmus Kaj --+-- rasmus at kaj.se --+-- http://www.stacken.kth.se/~kaj/
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