[chuck-dev] chuck/libsndfile crash on linux (using libsndfile 1.0.11-1)

Scott Davidson jsd_290 at fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 18 10:18:33 EDT 2006

Hi Ge!

> Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?
> Are you building for alsa, jack, or oss?

I originally found the problem using jack, but it breaks the same way in
alsa and oss. I haven't heard from anyone experiencing the same thing,
so it might just be a problem with my machine. I did experience some
file system corruption last weekend, so it's possible that was related, 
but other libsndfile clients work fine (sooperlooper and ardour, in

> Under linux, the default is to use libsndfile headers and libraries 
> installed on your system (and completely ignore util_sndfile.*).  So,
> it should be using 1.0.11-1.rhfc4.ccrma, unless you changed it in the
> makefile.

Nope, didn't change anything in the Makefile.

> Have you tested other apps that also links against this version of 
> libsndfile?  It's possible, but unlikely, that there is something weird 
> with your libsndfile headers/libraries.  It's more probable that chuck
> is doing something funny.

Just sooperlooper and ardour, which work fine on the same files.

I guess the next step would be to build a debug version of libsndfile,
but unless anyone else is experiencing this, I'll probably wait until I
have a clean slate and reinstall the OS for FC5 (sometime in the next
month). Hopefully that'll fix it. I'll let you know if the problem

Let me know if you need anymore info, too, or if you need more debugging
info (do you have any machines with ccrma/FC distros in the sound lab?)

  Scott Davidson
  jsd_290 at fastmail.fm

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