[chuck-dev] chuck/libsndfile crash on linux (using libsndfile 1.0.11-1)

Scott Davidson jsd_290 at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 19 10:40:39 EDT 2006

> > Nope, didn't change anything in the Makefile.
> You should make sure that when you compile ChucK, it is using your
> native libsndfile libraries. The ones included with ChucK currently
> break on Linux.
> Look for the lines:
> #LIBS+= -lsdl
> And remove the #'s.

These lines were already uncommented. Bummer. Thanks anyways for the
suggestion. I also tried commenting out the "SF_OBJ=util_sndfile.o" with
no luck. I wonder if for some reason it is falling back on the
libsndfile that comes with chuck, rather than my native lib. 

  Scott Davidson
  jsd_290 at fastmail.fm

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