[chuck-dev] osc bug & example flaw (fwd)

joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Wed Apr 26 15:14:59 EDT 2006

hmm, i could not reproduce this behaviour.
so maybe it was just my fault.
now both versions work.

thank you

Philip Davidson wrote:
> both forms work in my current build, which is not far removed
> from the current release.  which version are you running?
> joerg piringer wrote:
>> Philip Davidson wrote:
>>> we have bugs on both sides! In reverse order...
>>> for the second:
>>> you will notice that your request - getString(), does not match the 
>>> expected 'f' float tag.
>> i know, i know, but it shouldnt crash the program?
>>> Our OSC implementation returns a null pointer with such an argument 
>>> mismatch, and we weren't handling that correctly. I have just checked in 
>>> a fix that returns an empty string instead.  If you run with 
>>> "--verbose4" you will see the associated warnings.
>> great!
>>   > as to the first issue:
>>>  > instead of recv.event( "/foo/notes, i f" ) @=> OscEvent oe;
>>>  > it should be: recv.event( "/foo/notes", "i f" ) @=> OscEvent oe;
>>> both forms are acceptable.
>>> In the second, the second argument is the type string.
>>> In the first, we treat everything following the first occurrence of ' ' 
>>> or ',' as the type string ( all additional spaces or commas are ignored 
>>> ). As per OSC spec, the type string is a contiguous string of format 
>>> specifiers. In your example, our parser implicitly performs the 
>>> translation from  "s i i f f f f f f f f" to ",siiffffffff"
>> the difference is:
>> the second works, the first doesn't.
>> joerg
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