[chuck-dev] Improve Makefile for Gentoo ebuild

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 21 10:33:00 EDT 2006


>> I have made a patch for the linux makefiles here :
>> http://gentoo-sunrise.org/svn/reviewed/media-sound/chuck/files/chuck
>> -
>> It just allowed to specify the CC, CXX and CFLAGS with the command 
>> line. It will be great if it will be integrated in the source because I 
>> need to rewrite the patch for each version.

This is now in CVS and will be in the next release.  However, now CC 
defaults to 'cc' instead of 'gcc' on the systems - rh9, fc4 - I tested. 
I reckon on most linux 'cc' is soft-linked to 'gcc', but could this cause 
a problem in any case?

Specifying CC and friends from the command line is nifty, nonetheless!



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