[chuck-dev] change request

joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Thu May 25 07:51:30 EDT 2006

i would very much appreciate the following changes to chuck:

1. to compile without errors on mingw32 (at least with my distribution):

in util_math.h & util_math.c:
exclude the definition of remainder.
it is already defined with mingw32 and throws a compile error.

in util_sndfile.h:
exclude lrint & lrtinf
they are already defined with mingw32 and throw a compile error.

2. to make my OSCSurface able to capture the output of the ChucK-stderr 
on windows:

after each output to stderr (fprintf) please call:
otherwise the output is sent to my console capturer only when i quit 
chuck or when the output buffer is full.
i think that's only a problem with windows.

maybe it would be a good idea to send real errors to stderr and anything 
else to stdout (like <<< "XYZ" >>>;)?

with the above changes i was able to compile chuck on mingw32 and 
capture the output. so now i almost have a real ChucK-IDE.

btw: are there any plans to set up a CVS for ChucK so that people could 
submit patches?



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