[chuck-dev] chuck/miniAudicle, intel mac

Jukka Akkanen jakkanen at mac.com
Mon Oct 16 12:52:18 EDT 2006

I missed the original question, and don't have time to really dig  
into this at the moment. However, the problem I am seeing is that if  
I start a shred that chucks to dac (e.g., the one-liner "SinOsc s =>  
dac;"), I get the following assert:

     internal error: unhandled UGen add: outs: 1 ins: 0
     chuck_ugen.cpp:315: failed assertion `FALSE'

This happens with the prebuilt miniAudicle- I downloaded from  


On Oct 14, 2006, at 10:17 PM, Mark Hereld wrote:

> didn't see any responses so i thought i'd tell you my experience.
> which program: miniAudicle-
> did it run at all? YES
> was there real-tiem audio?  DON'T THINK SO
> where'd exec originate?  download from site
> LED example showed little window with four colored LEDs, but  
> nothing seemed to change.
> Everything else that I tried seemed to case miniAudicle to bail  
> outright.
> -- Mark
>> Hi!
>> We've been getting reports of audio not working in the miniAudicle on
>> intel macs, using the universal binary.  The folks that have been
>> building chuck from source on intel macs seems to have been
>> successful in getting audio.  Has anyone had any success/problems
>> with the chuck universal binary on intel mac?
>> None of us here actual have an intel mac to test with, so we have
>> been relying on external reports.  If you have an intel mac and have
>> tried to run/compile chuck/miniAudicle on it, can you post what
>> worked/failed?  In particular, we are interested in:
>> ---
>> which program was tried? (chuck, miniAudicle, or both)
>> did it run at all? (yes/no)
>> was there real-time audio? (yes/non)
>> where did the executable originate?  (download from site/built from
>> source)
>> any other issues on intel mac?
>> If you get a chance, please let us know.  Thank you very much!
>> Best,
>> Ge!
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