[chuck-dev] ChucK plugin for PD

Mike McGonagle mjmogo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 12:53:35 EDT 2006

After using both ChucK and PD, I have noticed that PD is far more
efficient at generating audio. I have created two simple patches in
both PD and ChucK that were just sine wave generator. The patch in
Chuck could only handle 20 voices before it started to generate an
audible sputter, while the same patch in PD was able to handle almost
200 voices before there was any audible degradation of the sound. I am
working on a G5 Mac Laptop (not sure of the clock speed), I have also
run the same things on a Dual G5 1.8MHz machine, and was able to get
PD up to about 350 voices before it started sputtering (I wasn't able
to test ChucK).

Is the plan to basically use ChucK for the higher level logic, and
control PD's audio generation? I see ChucK as a great language, which
would be a nice addition to PD, but as far as being an audio
generator, that is the whole reason that I have stopped working with

Just my $0.02...


On 10/15/06, Martin Robinson <mjr at cc.gatech.edu> wrote:
> As some of you may know, Brad Garton has adapted ChucK to run as a
> Max/MSP external (http://music.columbia.edu/~brad/chuck~/). I'm
> currently working on porting this project to PD (hoping for Windows
> and Linux support, at least). I'm collecting feedback from anyone who
> is interested in this sort of thing.  What projects would you use a
> ChucK PD external for? What features would you like beyond the basics?
> In the same vein, I hope to produce a VST plugin with equivalent
> functionality by the end of the year. Of course, I'm looking for
> similar feedback here too.
> Thanks in advance for any comments.
> martin robinson
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