[chuck-dev] chuck/miniAudicle, intel mac

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 16 13:09:55 EDT 2006

The LED example is really boring--showing a little window four  
colored LEDs is the full extent of what it does, so it seems that  
that example is working properly.

For real time audio problems, it would probably be good for me see  
the output of the console log after starting the virtual machine (you  
can just copy + paste it into an email).

I have heard other reports of weird things happening with real time  
audio for miniAudicle on Intel, but sometimes they can be fixed by  
explicitly setting the input and output devices and explicitly  
setting the input and output channels to 2 (or whatever) in the Audio  
subheading of the Preferences window.  So I would recommend trying  
that out also.


On Oct 16, 2006, at 12:52 PM, Jukka Akkanen wrote:

> I missed the original question, and don't have time to really dig  
> into this at the moment. However, the problem I am seeing is that  
> if I start a shred that chucks to dac (e.g., the one-liner "SinOsc  
> s => dac;"), I get the following assert:
>     internal error: unhandled UGen add: outs: 1 ins: 0
>     chuck_ugen.cpp:315: failed assertion `FALSE'
> This happens with the prebuilt miniAudicle- I downloaded  
> from audicle.cs.princeton.edu.
> -Jukka
> On Oct 14, 2006, at 10:17 PM, Mark Hereld wrote:
>> didn't see any responses so i thought i'd tell you my experience.
>> which program: miniAudicle-
>> did it run at all? YES
>> was there real-tiem audio?  DON'T THINK SO
>> where'd exec originate?  download from site
>> LED example showed little window with four colored LEDs, but  
>> nothing seemed to change.
>> Everything else that I tried seemed to case miniAudicle to bail  
>> outright.
>> -- Mark
>>> Hi!
>>> We've been getting reports of audio not working in the  
>>> miniAudicle on
>>> intel macs, using the universal binary.  The folks that have been
>>> building chuck from source on intel macs seems to have been
>>> successful in getting audio.  Has anyone had any success/problems
>>> with the chuck universal binary on intel mac?
>>> None of us here actual have an intel mac to test with, so we have
>>> been relying on external reports.  If you have an intel mac and have
>>> tried to run/compile chuck/miniAudicle on it, can you post what
>>> worked/failed?  In particular, we are interested in:
>>> ---
>>> which program was tried? (chuck, miniAudicle, or both)
>>> did it run at all? (yes/no)
>>> was there real-time audio? (yes/non)
>>> where did the executable originate?  (download from site/built from
>>> source)
>>> any other issues on intel mac?
>>> If you get a chance, please let us know.  Thank you very much!
>>> Best,
>>> Ge!
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