[chuck-dev] chuck/miniAudicle, intel mac

Jukka Akkanen jakkanen at mac.com
Mon Oct 16 21:25:40 EDT 2006

Opening and closing the preferences panel was all that was needed to  
transform miniAudicle from always crashing on an Intel Mac to  
producing real time audio for me -- I didn't even have to actually  
adjust the number of channels.

After this, the only problem I have seen so far is, even though all  
the other examples seem to work, mode-o-ui.ck yields no sound.


On Oct 16, 2006, at 1:09 PM, Spencer Salazar wrote:

> Howdy,
> The LED example is really boring--showing a little window four
> colored LEDs is the full extent of what it does, so it seems that
> that example is working properly.
> For real time audio problems, it would probably be good for me see
> the output of the console log after starting the virtual machine (you
> can just copy + paste it into an email).
> I have heard other reports of weird things happening with real time
> audio for miniAudicle on Intel, but sometimes they can be fixed by
> explicitly setting the input and output devices and explicitly
> setting the input and output channels to 2 (or whatever) in the Audio
> subheading of the Preferences window.  So I would recommend trying
> that out also.
> spencer

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