[chuck-dev] ChucK plugin for PD

Mike McGonagle mjmogo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 09:32:33 EDT 2006

On 10/16/06, Ge Wang <gewang at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
> Hi Mike and all!

Hello Ge,
> > After using both ChucK and PD, I have noticed that PD is far more
> > efficient at generating audio. I have created two simple patches in
> > both PD and ChucK that were just sine wave generator. The patch in
> > Chuck could only handle 20 voices before it started to generate an
> > audible sputter, while the same patch in PD was able to handle almost
> > 200 voices before there was any audible degradation of the sound. I am
> > working on a G5 Mac Laptop (not sure of the clock speed)
> ChucK is pretty abysmally slow, but it should handle quite a bit more
> than 20 sine waves on a powerbook?  On my 1ghz G4 12" powerbook, I get
> about 60 sine waves before things go south, and over 100 on a 1.5ghz
> 12" powerbook.  What is the code you are using to test this?  What
> version of chuck?  Also, the SinOsc in ChucK is also not the best thing
> to benchmark, since it generates the sine wave inefficiently.  Though
> by that logic, not many things in ChucK are good to benchmark, huh huh.

I will have to dig up my code, but from what I remember it was a
SinOsc => Env => Panner => dac. I was also having trouble
understanding how to use the Env object (if that is the correct name,
it is the envelope from Perry's library). I am sure that I don't have
the latest and greatest Chuck, so I am sure that things have improved

> One of the these days, after we get stuff more "right", we'll think
> about optimization.
> One thing I'd love to see in chuck~ is the option to route code from
> various chuck~ instances to the same chuck virtual machine.  I guess
> this is a feature request to both Brad and Martin?  With this
> capability, it'd be possible to leverage chuck's concurrent programming
> model to synchronize different pieces of code.  Alternately, each
> chuck~ could be its own virtual machine (this is currently the case in
> chuck~ for Max, I think), and the programmer would be able to send
> different code in real-time to chuck~ via an inlet.  Thoughts?

One thing that might be nice would be to see a couple of screen shots
of how these things are connecting up in Max. I was wondering if it
would be possible to use ChucK as a sort of scripting language that
controls various PD objects. Otherwise it just seems kind of odd to
have a self-contained ChucK running inside PD, and if that is the
case, why not just run ChucK by itself.

>From what Ge described above, being able to send code in real-time,
that sounds like the idea is to use PD as a gui/ide interface only. It
would be nice if you could leverage the strengths of both ChucK
(writing procedural/logic code) and PD (building a gui and interfacing
with audio/midi/video[with GEM]).


> Thanks again to Brad for starting the ~ revolution and to Martin for
> forging ahead!
> Best,
> Ge!
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