[chuck-dev] ChucK plugin for PD

Bradford Garton garton at columbia.edu
Wed Oct 18 11:31:58 EDT 2006

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Mike McGonagle wrote:

> One thing that might be nice would be to see a couple of screen shots
> of how these things are connecting up in Max.

I'll try to get my lazy butt in gear and put some on the web page.  Good 

> I was wondering if it
> would be possible to use ChucK as a sort of scripting language that
> controls various PD objects. Otherwise it just seems kind of odd to
> have a self-contained ChucK running inside PD, and if that is the
> case, why not just run ChucK by itself.

yes, you can do this -- I wrote two new ugens (MaxBang and MaxMessage) 
that are included in the code.  One will send out a scheduled bang, and 
the other can send out scheduled lists of values that you computer in 
ChucK.  I've used this capability a lot with [rtcmix~], and the ability to 
use arrays/functions/etc. in [chuck~] suggests that it would be terrific 
for this kind of application.  max/msp is horrible at maintaining any 
semblance of state.

>> From what Ge described above, being able to send code in real-time,
> that sounds like the idea is to use PD as a gui/ide interface only. It
> would be nice if you could leverage the strengths of both ChucK
> (writing procedural/logic code) and PD (building a gui and interfacing
> with audio/midi/video[with GEM]).

yeah -- this is the big win in combining these different languages.  Use 
their strengths!


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