[chuck-dev] what are PMSG functions for?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Sep 7 23:29:46 EDT 2006

Hi Graham!

> what are PMSG functions for, as part of the class import process?

The .pmsg was intended to be a general function for UGen's which  
allows one to pass string messages whose interpretations are solely  
defined by a particular UGen.  For example, for a class such as  
Filter, it could take a formatted string via .pmsg to to set  
coefficients.  The same pmsg string could mean something completely  
to another UGen.

For the now, the .pmsg is not implemented to do anything  
interesting.  It's just sitting there, probably waiting for strings  
operations to be implemented.  As far as the import is concerned, a  
empty function returning TRUE is usually provided, though even this  
may not be necessary.

I hope this help explain it.


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