[chuck-dev] what are PMSG functions for?

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Fri Sep 8 14:09:13 EDT 2006

Good to hear from you,

On Thu, 7 Sep 2006, Ge Wang wrote:
> > what are PMSG functions for, as part of the class import process?
> The .pmsg was intended to be a general function for UGen's which
> allows one to pass string messages whose interpretations are solely
> defined by a particular UGen.  For example, for a class such as
> Filter, it could take a formatted string via .pmsg to to set
> coefficients.  The same pmsg string could mean something completely
> to another UGen.

Is it something specifically used to serialize/deserialize
the state of a UGen?

What does the P stand for?
Does that mean there are also NPMSGs that do the same thing? :)

So maybe they would work like this:

StifKarp k => Filter f => dac;
f.pmsg( "0.2 0.1 0.4; 0.2 0.4" );

or something more like this, like an alternate namespace:

f.pmsg( "coefs", "0.2 0.1 0.4; 0.2 0.4" );

> For the now, the .pmsg is not implemented to do anything
> interesting.  It's just sitting there, probably waiting for strings
> operations to be implemented.  As far as the import is concerned, a
> empty function returning TRUE is usually provided, though even this
> may not be necessary.

I'm still not sure I get it. But your explanation helps put it in
perspective. (I'm working on a new UGen)



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