[chuck-dev] multi-channel in chuck

Jeff Smith jeffrey.c.smith at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 22:35:49 EST 2007

I'm new to Chuck but am beginning to build out a toolset for future
compositions.  I'm a first year Phd student in computer music @
Stanford.  I did my b.s. in computer science long ago...

I'm attaching two code examples.  The first is a sample for using
chuck with 4-channel sound output.  The second is a composition that
uses this technique.  The second example is less a composition, more a
proof of concept.  From it, I hope to create a fugue of engines
(including a lawnmower, blowdryer, xbox360, hedge trimmer, and
handmixer, and leafblower) .  (If you require concrete sound files let
me know).

I find most composition by tape is arduous and suffers from too many
dependencies among the various tools and iterations of output across
those tools.  As a contrast, I want to create sound-sculptures --
namely, a discrete entity (e.g. a single chuck program) that requires
no pre or post processing.  Changes to the entity affect the whole.
Extensibility, however, becomes built into the structure.

If you review the code, the extension to n-channel will seem
reasonably straightforward.

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