[chuck-dev] Stereo ugens (again)

Imre Kéri sharp732 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 11:51:03 EST 2007


I would like to have real stereo (or multi-channel) UGens in ChucK
which can compute multichannel output and not just setting a pan or
like that (like it is now??). The tick() function of an UGen should
operate on array of samples (one sample on each channel) and produce
also one sample for each channel as output. The audio engine should
convert the channels if two ugens of different output/input channels
are chucked together. Each UGen should either have a fixed number of
in/out channels, or the user could specify the number of in/out
channels for an UGen at construction time (to avoid extra multichannel
processing when unnecessary). It would be not needed to access the
individual channels of an UGen as UGens (this can be emulated e.g. by
mono-to-stereo "split" UGens and stereo-to-mono "channel-select"

I would like to implement something like this for myself because I
think it is unconvenient that we don't have stereo ugens and some
effects in which the channels are dependent of each other are not even
possible to realize otherwise.

Have you any other suggestions, advices how to implement multichannel
ugens? It would be the best to have a solution which is good for
everyone and which can be part of the official ChucK code.

Or do I still not understand how multi-channel UGens work?

   Imre Kéri

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