[chuck-dev] Asio Build and "Debug Assertion Failed" Error.

Philippe Lamarche philippe.lamarche at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 23:30:43 EDT 2007


I started an Asio build of the source. For now, it can probe and
play small files.

However I have a problem with the build. I retried it with a fresh version
with no change to the source and I still have the same problem:
It seems that Chuck_Array4::zero() in chuck_oo create a "Debug Assertion
Failed" Error. The Microsoft vector class is complaining about "vector
subscript out of range". I am using VS2005.

This code will generate the error:
SinOsc s[5];
s[1] => dac;
2::second => now;

Is this possible or I am making false assumptions?

Thanks for the help,
Philippe Lamarche.
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