[chuck-dev] Some ugens not available in C++

dylan at speakeasy.net dylan at speakeasy.net
Mon Jun 18 17:44:53 EDT 2007


I'm new to the mailing list. I've been playing around trying to create a new Instrmnt-derived ugen in C++. I got something simple up and running fairly quickly, but then I realized that not all of the ugens are available in the C++ headers. For example, I needed a low-pass filter, but there is no LPF class (or FilterBasic_data struct) in ugen_filter.h. I was able to get around this by using the TwoPole class and calculating the coefficients. Now I need sawtooth and triangle waves, but again there are no classes for these ugens in ugen_osc.h. The existing STK instruments get sine waves using WaveLoop("special:sinewave", TRUE), but I was hoping to use sawtooth and triangle waves.

This has me thinking I'm approaching this wrong. Since you can't yet create ugens in ChucK, I planned to use C++, but in C++ there's only a limited set of ugens/classes that are available.


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