[chuck-dev] ASIO miniAudicle

Leuthold Dominik moudi at gmx.net
Wed Nov 21 15:50:03 EST 2007

hi list
with the help from some kindly guys of the chuck forum i was able to compile
a miniAudicle with ASIO support.
i made a little tutorial in the forum about how i did it. you can look at
that thread and also download the mini:
9c76ff9fc174b3> &sid=8003eb3049f76157799c76ff9fc174b3
however, i noticed some strange behaviours with this version and hope that
somebody from this list has some ideas or hints
what could cause it.
- the audio channel assignation is somehow messed. i get always only on one
channel sound (which isn't the idea of asio at all ;)
i found out, that i only get sound on the highest channel of the maximum
defined channels.
for example: with 4 enabled output channels -> only dac.chan(3) will work;
with 8 enabled output channels -> only dac.chan(7) works.
i have the same problem with an own compiled asio chuck version, so it is
not a mini specific problem.
the real strange thing is, that the asio version of phillipe lamarc is
working fine on my machine, so it must have something to do with my
compilation process :-(
- since asio drivers will only work with a single application, i noticed
that the mini remains alive after closing the application.
i had a little "deja vue" and found this one in the release notes for
- (fixed)(Win32) miniAudicle process no longer persists after exit
the actual official version of the mini is closing correctly, but probably
it has some dependencies to this fixed bug?
thanks for your help
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