[chuck-dev] Compiling with Visual Studio 2005

Ge G. Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Sep 13 03:43:31 EDT 2007


> Thanks, now it is working fine...

Cool - I thought we fixed this issue, but apparently not.  Will take 
another look.  Sorry about that.

> ...But when I stop chuck with Ctrl-C, sometimes (not always) I get a 
> crash instead of a nice finish. The end is somewhere in the RtApiDs :: 
> closeStream() function in rtaudio.cpp. Has someone else seen this?

We've observed this on a few occasions, mostly under linux, and it does 
appear to have to do with the clean up code.  It's on the todo list, but 
currently is being preempted by other features/bugs.  May priority boost 
this soon.

> Related to the others: So chuck is not "officially supported" for 
> VS2005? Because if it would be then the std library issue should be 
> fixed somehow in the chuck sources, doesn't matter how different the MS 
> library is...

Heh, it sounds like we don't support VS2005 in practice right now, but 
we'd like to for sure.  Will definitely try for the next release.

Thanks for following up on this!


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