[chuck-dev] initial patch for 64-bit

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 12:57:02 EDT 2008

2008/8/29 Stephen Sinclair <radarsat1 at gmail.com>

> Actually you might find that a good place to discuss the Sitar model
> is on the STK mailing list, which is where it comes from.

Ah. But does that version print to the screen as well? I suppose the real
issue is verifying the frequency we ask it to use is within range so with
regard to the fix the performance-wrecking error messages may not be a real
issue. I may look into this route.

> Thanks Kas, I want to be clear that I share the same sentiment.  Sorry
> if I come off being utilitarian in my communications sometimes, but I
> am usually just trying to be efficient.  Obviously I think ChucK is a
> really cool idea and totally respect Ge for making it happen. But yes,
> I would love some communication and perhaps slightly more informative
> commit comments sometimes, too. ;-)

I thought your sentiments were quite clear and your message "sounded"
friendly to me, I just went a step further (or more general) so I wanted to
be a 100% clear. It's not my place to tell anybody how to spend his/her time
but I still wanted to comment on what's going on and how I think it could be
improved (for everybody, I'm actually hoping for this to save Ge time).

> I want to avoid situations where two people end up trying to solve the
> same problem, for example, stepping on each other's toes.  For
> example, right now I have no idea, someone at Princeton or Stanford
> could already be working hard on the 64-bit problem and is totally
> annoyed by my patch, but I have no way of knowing this.

Yes, I agree. This is a important issue. Not just here but also with things
like Maudi trying to improve the Mini's interface and add to it.

I'm actually fine with the idea of Ge not wanting to work with a
> larger base of developers, I'm okay with that, but the main reason I
> keep persisting is that he's said himself that he is interested in
> contributions.

Yes, it says so in the "TODO" file;

"too many to name.  Need more developers.  Thanks." This line has been there
since the dawn of "now" as far as I know. Also; "working on ChucK" is used
as a teaching device at Princeton (likely Stanford as well?)...

I think it's mainly the procedure that's unclear, I suspect. Of course it
would be quite ChucKian for there not to be any set procedure at all....

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