[chuck-dev] About features ChucK/miniAudicle

lucas samaruga samarugalucas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 19:28:35 EST 2008


            I'm fascinating whit ChucK, and I become an assiduous

            I have some questions about the language and his derivates
projects, if somebody have time to answer.

            There is some place were the dll interface is explained? It's
ready to use?

            There is possible to do (whit that interface) Qt widgets that
can be called from ChucK like the MAUI widgets on miniAudicle? I can't use
MAUI because I don't use mac (and I can't compile whit it on linux).

            Related to the second question: I think that Qt framework is
good portable option to implement the miniAudicle IDE.

            I think that an IDE that integrate your own interface whit
elements controlled by the ChucK language, can be a powerfull tool to
develop music composition or rt performances, because the UI can be self
programmable. That in addition to the greater innovative proposals of

Maybe if the (mini)audicle was full implemented this questions can be


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