[chuck-dev] Wacom tablet configuration failure

Alexey Kondratiev olbicard at aol.com
Sun Feb 10 02:54:55 EST 2008

I cannot use the Wacom tablet on OSX because it fails to be configured  
in Chuck. The problem seems to be happening while opening the HID  
interface with this line in "util_hid.cpp":

result = (*interface)->open( interface, 0 );

it returns the negative result(-536870203).  This is what Chuck reports:

mouse 'PTZ-431W' ready
[chuck]:(5:INFORM): hid: starting PTZ-431W
[chuck]:(5:INFORM):  | hid: configuring PTZ-431W
[chuck]:(3:SEVERE):  | hid: error configuring PTZ-431W

I'm not an expert in device drivers, perhaps someone can figure out  
why it happens.

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