[chuck-dev] video playback/processing

Jeremy Hunt jrmy at berkeley.edu
Fri Jan 18 22:00:39 EST 2008

> I'm also a big fan of using Other People's Stuff (hence my  
> employment of max-msp for interface and vid work);

FreeJ from Jaromil/dyne:bolic is a nice little app.  Seems pretty  
well optimized.  It uses ports of EffectTV plugins which, again, seem  
really well optimized.  Even if a video plugin api could be ported  
(like Frei0r from piksel) with parameter controls, etc callable in  
chuck it would be nice.  Combine this with the ability to mix opacity  
levels of multiple video/openGL streams/scenes (like FreeJ),  
independent frame rate control (via chuckian time logic) and some  
munger-like utils for .mp4s and you could do a lot of really cool  

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