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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 12:10:42 EDT 2008

Hey, Ge!

This is a great point.  We haven't been using this list as much as would
> be helpful.  Things have certainly been a bit crazy for everyone these last
> few months.  I just got back from ICMC in Belfast, and a week before that
> Beijing.  Others have had fairly crazy schedules as well.

But you're back! I'm back as well, even if I just helped some close friends
move, then  build/re-build some cupboards for them, then practice livecoding
in the evening.

We need an update on the documentation for the new UAnae in ChucK.  Flip and
> pilF are meant to flip and unflip audio sample streams into vectors that
> work at the UAna level.  We have a few more UAnae to add before this
> becomes useful.  Apologies for the confusion and lack of explanation!

Ok, that's one step.. But at the risk of sounding like my friend's 3.5 years
old son I'd now like to know what a "vector" is in this context (I know what
they are in geometry, etc). Generally it's not that clear to me what sort of
data the Uanae are sending to each other and from what I've seen so far they
only become interesting once you know this.

Hear hear!  I agree with all of this.  At the moment, I honestly don't
> know how to effectively fix this, but please know that I genuinely want to.
>  Feedback in this forum, despite lack of responses from me, have
> been extremely helpful.  We'll need to come up with ways to submit patches,
> doc's, examples, etc...  Working on it, though slowly!

I think we need to look at things in their context and find domain speciffic
solutions. I think the way of tracking bugs that we've used on the WiKi for
the last few version is a improvement, for example. That way makes it much
more clear what bugs are open and it gives a sense of progress to move them
to "Fixed in version n" once fixed. To me this is much better then the old
page which is a bit of a mess. I could see this being extended by developers
replying (in bold, for example) to such reports to either request more
information or indicate a fix is in the works or in CVS.

I could imagine the WiKi being used for co-writing or proposing manual
sections as well, perhaps with a similar system for indicating a section has
been merged into the PDF.

Especially for the non-code aspects of this question I think the main thing
is to get the treshold for helping out down (there is, for example, no real
need for everybody to learn latex just to contribute to the manual) and
increase the feedback (for example by stamping bugs with a label that says
you or Perry or Dan or.... is looking into it).

These things are relatively independant problems so let's tackle them on a
independant basis; I found that treating a set of issues like one huge
question is a great way to make sure you'll never solve it ;¬).

Kassen, you rock!  And as disarrayed as parts of the dev pipeline is, I
> am genuinely grateful for the ChucKist "culture" that we've all helped to
> build.  The suggestions and criticisms are totally constructive, and even
> though we are often slow in fixing things, please know that we are deeply
> thankful for it all.

I know, but written comunication can so easily be taken the wrong way that I
wanted to be 100% clear.

Good to see you back, hope you had a great time in Beijing and at the  ICMC!

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