[chuck-dev] initial patch for 64-bit

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Sep 5 02:23:39 EDT 2008

Stephen Sinclair wrote:
> Well, one way might be to take advantage of services like sourceforge [...]

Google code tends to be preferable these days.

> I've said it before, but a great way to deal with looking at other
> people's development trees is to use git [...]

I agree that ChucK would be a nice case for Git since it would let 
development continue even when Ge's not around to approve patches.  
Alternatively, moving to something like Google-hosted-svn with commit 
access open to a few folks would be nice as well.  The couple of times 
that I sent or offered to send patches didn't get any response either, 
which kind of sapped my motivation to do further ones.


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