[chuck-dev] Porting ChucK to OpenBSD

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 21:48:02 EDT 2008

> Hi Kas-

Hi Will,

For now, though, I implemented a null-HID skeleton to make things
> build on OpenBSD. With my updated patchset[0], I can build chuck
> itself and run the examples. Whee!

That's good news!

In your patch I didn't notice any reference to KBHit, a older, more simple,
interface in ChucK to the computer's keyboard. I'm not sure whether that
depends on true HID support, you may want to check that out ( there's a demo
in /examples/event/ ). If that does work you're in luck because keyboard
input can be very convenient in debugging ChucK code and of course with so
many keys there's a lot of space for instrument design.

It might also be good to point out that the true "joy of joypads" comes with
low latency audio though when this is missing MIDI output linked to a
external synth is still loads of fun.

At least you're up&ChuKing now, quite fast as well so that speaks highly of
you and ChucK's portability. It'll be interesting to see how BSD with it's
pride in stability will get along with ChucK's style of crashing as a
performance art ;¬).

Congratulations on your progress so far!
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