[chuck-dev] more GCC issues.

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 23:08:20 EDT 2009

Fellow chuckists,

Today there were some posts on the forum here;
about compiling ChucK on Fedora. It looks like the default configuration
doesn't work (anymore, I really think it used to) on that platform, at least
not without tweaking the optimisation. This could well mean that GCC was
again updated with more strictness. Fortunately steevithak was able to
document the cause and provide a workaround (see link).

This might be worth some attention, I think Fedora is quite agressive about
getting new things in (they are at GCC 4.4.0 while I've got 4.3.3 here as
part of the default stable Ubuntu release) so this may well be a advance
warning for the issues more Linux users are going to get once other distro's
switch to a newer GCC; for a fair percentage of Linux users ChucK will be
the first time they have to use GCC.

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