[chuck-dev] compiling with gcc -Wparentheses

Steve M. Robbins steve at sumost.ca
Mon Dec 28 16:56:55 EST 2009


This list doesn't show much traffic lately ... is it still active?

I'd like to play around with chuck on my amd64 linux machine.  The
download page warned me that chuck isn't 64-bit clean at present and
indeed, it coredumps.  :-(

I'd like to help make it 64-bit clean.  As a first step, I'm trying to
make it compile cleanly with "gcc -Wall".

As a first pass to /that/, I looked at warnings generated by
-Wparentheses.  Below is my patch to avoid these warnings.

Incidently: is this the right place to send patches?  I'm working off
the sources.  I'd prefer to work off the development stream if
I could; is there any public access to it?

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