[chuck-dev] mini Vs GCC

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 07:39:30 EDT 2009

Dear list,

On the forum there was just another question about the current canonical
Mini refusing to compile on a new Ubuntu install.

I believe that issue is caused by the new GCC which refuses to deal with and still being included in the Mini source. I respect that
Spencer is a busy man and doesn't always have the time to bake fresh
versions of the Mini. However there is the easy trick of replacing the source with the one in the relevant directory of the Mini
source. This makes it compile just fine and generally results in a
preferable version. I have been using that version for quite some time now
and am unaware of any bugs in it beyond those found in plain ChucK and the
latest Mini.

I'd like to propose as a temporary solution that we simply pull this trick
on the version provided on the site instead of all individual users having
to do it at home after running into errors and asking questions. It
shouldn't take more then 10 minutes for somebody who has access to the
server(s) and as far as I can tell it's as safe as anything ChucK-related is
likely to ever be. No knowledge of C++ is needed, just a willingness to
mis-label as as the version of ChucK is encoded in the dir
name that the Mini's own source references.

I think the Mac version was already patched(?) and suspect that the Windows
executable could be treated in the same way with the same ease but I haven't
personally verified that. While such treatments would be preferable the
situation on those OS's isn't of the show-stopping nature as the current
Linux one is.

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