[chuck-dev] mini ChucK bug

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat May 2 17:40:48 EDT 2009


> Ooh, that too!

Clearly we need to consider the bug from both a musical and a artistic
perspective; that's the ChucKist way!

I am, BTW, quite sure those numbers are memory locations. They reset
when you restart the Mini and will jump up when you do a bunch of
other stuff. They are all over the place; you'll see them when trying
to print a object or function that doesn't return anything;

fun void foo()

Gain bar;


What you had here was a bug, because integers on the other hand should
give us something to print. Apparently instantiating one (as a
operation) doesn't return the value. That also explains this;

while( float rubber_ducky )
	second => now;

I now get why that works, previously I was just amused by it. I posted
about that ages ago but never realised it actually demonstrated a bug.
I ended up believing (when I was a young ChucKist) that instantiating
a float named "rubber_ducky" returned true when this instantiation was
successful but always had my doubts. That's one bug I'll be sad to see

(easily amused)

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