[chuck-dev] mini ChucK bug

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat May 2 18:03:26 EDT 2009


> Now I'm upset because my duck quacks for a long time, then crashes the
> VM. Why is my duck so much less well-behaved? And here I was perfectly
> happy before I knew I had any ducks at all.

Oh, dear! You are right! A double duck-billed-bug! Either that never
happened before or I never had the Duck quack for that long. The duck
stops much sooner than it should for just exhausting memory, it even
seems short for exhausting the stack (the Hanoi demo works after all).

Another accomplishment for the light-hearted style of bug reporting.
Maybe somebody can write a paper about the virtues of not taking
coding too seriously?


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