[chuck-dev] Fwd: Oh no, I fixed it: log level bug.

Spencer D Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 19 08:17:34 EDT 2009

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your feedback and looking in to this.  

- The "crazy" log level worked at some point -- that it crashes now is most definitely a regression.  

- The Xcode project file is provided for developer (in)convenience, but hasn't been kept up to date lately.  The official method to compile miniAudicle on Mac OS X is the makefile ('make osx' or 'make osx-ub' for a Universal Binary).  I'll take a look at fixing the Xcode project file in the way you've described, though.  

- In the 0.2.0 release, miniAudicle has been updated with the intent of full Snow Leopard compatibility.  Please let us know if any other potential problems in this area arise.  


----- "Andrew C. Smith" <acsmith at willamette.edu> wrote:

> The first part, about it not compiling unless
> is added to the tag still stands. However, the other one, about the
> mini hanging does not.
> So, here's the issue:
> I had "Default Log Level" under Preferences -> Miscellaneous set to
> "10", which crashes it. It's like someone set the log level name to
> "Crazy" as a kind of decoy...
> (either way, maybe this option should just be disabled. I know it's
> supposed to have spectacular crashes, but this seems a bit
> overboard.)
> Andrew
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