[chuck-dev] Fwd: Oh no, I fixed it: log level bug.

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Mon Oct 19 19:03:54 EDT 2009

Hm, I can't say whether this is a bug or not, but there were many
audio methods that were deprecated in Snow Leopard that are still in
use, mostly in the RtAudio files. The RtAudio files are all from 2005,
also, and Gary Scavone just released a new version this June. It's
still possible to compile under the 10.5 SDK, of course, but it's not
exactly great news to be using old methods.

I think this is a pretty big issue, although not necessarily urgent,
and it's something that I almost feel like I could
investigate--building under Snow Leopard with more up-to-date methods.
I wanted to check to see if this is of interest to the developers,
though, because if so then I'll keep track of the changes I make. It
would be pretty cool to have a fully-updated 64-bit build of ChucK,
after all.


On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 5:33 PM, Spencer Salazar
<ssalazar at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
> Hey Kassen,
> Interesting.  The mini actually hasn't changed much recently, so its hard to
> think of specific changes that would have caused these problems.  Maybe the
> underlying wxWidgets or GTK libraries have been updated recently, and
> something miniAudicle is doing is no longer agreeable to one or both of
> these libraries?  If so, an interesting experiment would be to do a fresh
> recompile of the last version of miniAudicle with the same set of -dev
> libraries, and see if the same errors pop up.  Anecdotally, I am no stranger
> to weird GTK error messages popping up occasionally in miniAudicle on
> whatever version of Linux I happen to be running.
> spencer
> On Oct 19, 2009, at 8:31 AM, Kassen wrote:
>> Spencer,
>> Last week I was practising/performing livecoding in the Mini on my little
>> radio show. I got quite a few error messages on the console refering to some
>> sort of GDM (I think) issue. No crashes, just errors that didn't use to be
>> there. This was on Ubuntu Linux.
>> I think they mostly appeared at replacing shreds. Sadly I didn't yet have
>> the time to look into this more closely, but this means that the updates did
>> indeed cause some new minor issues. Full report soon, I hope (things have
>> been a bit mad here lately).
>> Yours,
>> Kas.
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