[chuck-dev] Compiling under FreeBSD

benny linux at marcrenearns.de
Mon Oct 19 20:35:40 EDT 2009

Hi Raimundo,

I got chuck- (the cli program) working for FreeBSD 7.2 by 
disabling the gui stuff and some other changes.

You can do the following to check it out:

wget http://stridor.net/upload/chuck-
gtar -xzf chuck-
cd chuck- && wget http://stridor.net/upload/freebsd.patch
patch -d src -u -p1 < freebsd.patch
cd src && gmake freebsd
# and as root (copies the binary to /usr/bin)
gmake install

It should work - at least on FreeBSD 7.2
Perhaps someone (you?) could review the patch and put it upstream / 
integrate it with chuck-

I am not really familiar with C nor make, just did a bit trial and error 
(mixing of the MacOSX and linux-oss options) that happened to work.

You need libsndfile on FreeBSD
Hope that helps.

Perhaps you want to make a regular port of it?

Best Regards,

 > Hello all!
 > I prefer the FreeBSD 8.0RC1 audio drivers, which implements the UAA
 > (Universal Audio Architecture - yes, from Microsoft...) and then
 > things just works.
 > In linux, I have experienced problems with ALSA and the new OSSv4 do
 > not serve me well. And I get evolved in a project that uses chuck, and
 > tried to compile it under my brand new OS. I have tried with
 > make linux-oss
 > Many errors as I expected, some of I dismiss. A list of they and the
 > solution:

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