[chuck-dev] Compiling under FreeBSD

benny linux at marcrenearns.de
Wed Oct 21 10:32:24 EDT 2009

Ok Raimundo,

thank you for your feedback. You motivated me to try to patch 
chuck- And while it took a bit of time, I finally got it to 
compile :)

Be aware that near to nothing from the util_hid.cpp file will work 
(mouse-support, keyboard, joystick etc)

Please try it out on Freebsd 8 (I have tried 7.2 only) and see if it 
works for you (didn't check FileIO).

BTW: I am running on 32bit and you?

Please keep in mind, that I did this only by accident and have almost no 
clue of the consequences of my changes except that the hid methods are 
simply disabled in order to compile.

So the procedure is now:

wget http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/release/files/chuck-
gtar -xzf chuck-
wget http://stridor.net/upload/chuck-
cd chuck- && patch -d src -u -p1 < ../chuck-
cd src && gmake freebsd
# you might omit this step and copy the chuck file somewhere else
gmake install

Best Regards,

 > Hey, Benny!!!
 > Many Many Thanks
 > To Benny
 > Who Make The Patch!
 > :)
 > It compiled well under fbsd8.0rc1 in the chuck, but the .ck
 > scripts I have to run use FileIO like a class, and, as I got it, this
 > feature exists only from =/
 >> I got chuck- (the cli program) working for FreeBSD 7.2 by
 >> disabling
 >> the gui stuff and some other changes.

 > Nice to know it.

 >> You can do the following to check it out:
 >> wget http://stridor.net/upload/chuck-
 >> gtar -xzf chuck-
 >> cd chuck- && wget http://stridor.net/upload/freebsd.patch
 >> patch -d src -u -p1 < freebsd.patch
 >> cd src && gmake freebsd
 >> # and as root (copies the binary to /usr/bin)
 >> gmake install

 > I prefer not to put things system-wide, when I can. I have put it in
 > ~/bin :D

 >> It should work - at least on FreeBSD 7.2
 >> Perhaps someone (you?) could review the patch and put it upstream /
 >> integrate it with chuck-

 > Hey, it is a big adventure for me!!! I will try for some weeks. How I
 > have said: I am not so practice on hacking and programming SO
 > especific things. But in the BSD way, I think it could be easy.

 >> I am not really familiar with C nor make, just did a bit trial and
 >> error
 >> (mixing of the MacOSX and linux-oss options) that happened to work.
 >> You need libsndfile on FreeBSD
 >> Hope that helps.
 >> Perhaps you want to make a regular port of it?

 > Not yet, I am rawraw-boy... ;)

 > The best for us all,
 > raitech

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