[chuck-dev] Compiling under FreeBSD

Raimundo Santos raitech at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 00:41:52 EDT 2009

2009/10/21 benny <linux at marcrenearns.de>:
> Ok Raimundo,
> thank you for your feedback. You motivated me to try to patch chuck-
> And while it took a bit of time, I finally got it to compile :)

Ow, me too!!! Sorry for the late report ...

> Be aware that near to nothing from the util_hid.cpp file will work
> (mouse-support, keyboard, joystick etc)
> Please try it out on Freebsd 8 (I have tried 7.2 only) and see if it works
> for you (didn't check FileIO).

Worked well to me, for my needs.

> BTW: I am running on 32bit and you?

32bit FreeBSD 8.0RC1 - do not thing this change of version could
influenciate. But it's better to take care.

> Please keep in mind, that I did this only by accident and have almost no
> clue of the consequences of my changes except that the hid methods are
> simply disabled in order to compile.

Well, it follows the K.I.S.S., in some way. I liked because of it :D

For my actual needs, it does not matter. But getting all of it owrking
and functional could be a good project for now. But I need to learn a
lot from OS programming. Maybe it is very nice ...

I am dooing many many things at the same time, "adjusting" my student
life and trying to get a job. Will be a nice chalenge!

At all, and again,
Many many thanks!!!


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